Ubuntu is the number one platform for containers

From LXD to Kubernetes to Docker, Canonical has partnered with industry leaders to offer a full range of technologies. We help enterprises run containers at scale, on public, private and bare metal clouds.

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The no-nonsense way to accelerate your business with containers

This white paper explains why containers are so popular and how to leverage them in your organisation. Learn the benefits of process containers and machine containers. Deep-dive into the two main software tools, Docker and LXD, that are used to manipulate containers.

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LXD, the pure-container hypervisor

Lift-and-shift existing VM workloads

Move your existing Linux VMs straight to containers, easily, without modifying the apps or your operations. LXD’s machine containers operate just like virtual machines.

25% faster than legacy VMs

Use VM-style commands to run your applications in an unmodified Linux operating system, at incredible speed, with zero latency.

10x the density of ESX

LXD’s pure-container approach to Linux virtualisation offers dramatic density advantages over VMware ESX and Linux KVM for private and public cloud infrastructure.

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The Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes®*

Elasticity built-in

Looking for a container orchestration system to help build your microservice-based app? Our Kubernetes distribution is simple and naturally elastic.

Cost-effective at scale

Modelled using Juju, Canonical's Kubernetes distribution includes all operational scripting and tooling needed to manage a long-lived cluster, including upgrades and elastic scaling.

Analytics on tap

Our Kubernetes distribution can be easily integrated with Prometheus for monitoring, Ceph for storage and Elastic Stack including Kibana for analysis and visualisations.

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Docker Engine on Ubuntu

Enterprise ready Docker

We work closely with Docker Inc. to deliver an integrated Commercially Supported Docker Engine offering on Ubuntu.

Reliable updates

The Docker Engine images are published as snap package which update automatically and transactionally.

Single vendor solution

Canonical provides Level 1 and Level 2 technical support for the CS Docker Engine and are backed by Docker Inc. for Level 3 support.

Partnering with industry leaders

Expert support from Canonical

If you need the assurance of a professional support subscription for your desktop, server, cloud or container deployment, Ubuntu Advantage has got you covered:

  • 24/7 access to the world’s leading Ubuntu experts
  • Landscape — our systems management tool
  • IP assurance for your Ubuntu environment
  • Kernel livepatching to ensure you have the latest kernel security updates

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* Kubernetes® is a registered trademark of The Linux Foundation in the United States and other countries, and is used pursuant to a license from The Linux Foundation