Transform your physical infrastructure into a cloud

MAAS is a server provisioning tool which offers complete automation of your physical servers for amazing data centre operational efficiency. On premises, open source and supported.

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Deploy faster

Zero-touch deployment of Ubuntu, Windows and other Linux distributions across your entire infrastructure.

Discover devices automatically

Automatic discovery, registration and configuration of every device on the network.

Use with your existing DevOps tools

Integration with devops automation tools like Conjure-up, Juju, Chef, Puppet, SALT, Ansible and more.

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Introducing MAAS: get the power of metal at the speed of cloud


  • Dynamic hardware resource management with Intel RSD
  • Manage the machine’s storage with RAID, bcache, LVM and more
  • Full chassis convergence, including Cisco UCS, HP Moonshot and more
  • Configure the machine’s network interfaces with bridges, VLANs, bonds and more
  • Observes and catalogs every IP address on the network (IPAM)
  • Monitors and tracks critical services to ensure proper operations.
  • Built-in highly available DHCP and DNS.
  • REST API, Web UI and CLI

MAAS is trusted by

Enterprise support for MAAS

MAAS is freely available, open source software from Canonical. Many enterprises depend on MAAS to automate and optimize provisioning for production hardware. Canonical offers Standard and Advanced support plans priced per-machine-per-month or, for large volume and public clouds with dynamic scale, we offer per-region pricing with flexible node ranges.

  MAAS Ubuntu Advantage for MAAS
  Without support Standard Advanced
Per machine enlisted in a MAAS plan $0 $5 per month $10 per month
Per region per year - - Unlimited machines $75,000
Phone and ticket support None 8am - 6pm
on weekdays
24 hours a day,
Ubuntu and CentOS deployment Yes Yes Yes
Landscape management
(for the MAAS servers)
  Yes Yes
(for the MAAS servers)
  Yes Yes
Knowledge Base   Yes Yes
Windows, RHEL, and custom image
creation and deployment
  Yes Yes
High availability (HA) support     Yes
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MAAS is an open source bare-metal server provisioning tool, try it now.

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